Its APRIL.. and I kinda..hate it...

Its already April.. and I kinda hate it. Is he really leaving the country? Geezz.. It was December of last year (2009) when I HEY PEOPLE!! IM THE LUCKIEST HOMO TONIGHT!! (hahahaha.... evil laugh...)

Well, what can we do..It really is April and for sure.. he will leave the country anytime soon ( sad...errr...)

One last request.... CHULA ta BALIK B!!! please!!! hahahaha..... "bawal ang ma-insecure!!! hahahah "

sana maulit muli... chos.... ^_^

Star of the Night..  (hahahahaa)


  1. hahaah
    Chula jud ha? hahaha

    malain ko. hahaha


  2. ang lagos naman lang naman gyud sa babay, pwerti ka nganga woist! anyways, insecure gyud kaha guro tanan nimo teh, apil na ko