About Me

I do not speak directly, but i speak effectively. i try to develop a pleasant quality of voice. i avoid profanity and obscurity, if only because among cultured people such gross misuse of language is inexcusable. even though i hear plenty of such language, i know that those whose speech is a constant stream of profanity are actually disadvantaged since their vocabulary is so limited, they have no other means of expressing themselves.

i speak with frankness but always with sincerity and sympathy. i love to deal with people who are frank and honest. i shun deception and despise hypocrisy.

whenever i'm down, i sometimes act as if every nerve in my body were cauterized. i may not react negatively to my environment, i just doesn't react at all. :c

sometimes, little things annoys me. i tend to flare up when others make chance remarks that i think are directed to me.

i hate those who look upon the teetotaler as a killjoy who is socially unacceptable.

i deplore the misfortunes of others and try to do whatever i can to help them cope with or overcome their difficulties.

i'm trying to make an honest attempt to see the best qualities in others. i want to emphasize the strengths to others, not their weaknesses. even when i'm keenly aware of the shortcomings of those with whom i work and live, i'm trying my best to act toward them with patience and understanding.

i accept criticism best from those who can take criticism as well as they can hand it out.

i love pictures, texting(24/7), my academic track record, friendly competitions.

i abhor those who flatter wealth, cringe before power or boast his or her own possessions and achievements.

i hate liars, users, players, backfighters, rude and narrowminded people. people who likes meddling in other people's affairs.