Choi MinHo - Shinee ..

Well, it is already given that im totally ADDICTED to KPOP and JPOP.. (hahaha.... lolx). After searching new music videos on YouTube, I accidentally found Shinee's REPLAY music video (Thank you YouTube...hahaha). After listening to it, I really dont know why..but It kept on playing on my head.. like Im going to sing "replay..replayy..replay..blah blah blah..." over and over again... The song is gives you that feeling that Love should be replayed (well thats if i have it right.. lol..)

Its APRIL.. and I kinda..hate it...

Its already April.. and I kinda hate it. Is he really leaving the country? Geezz.. It was December of last year (2009) when I HEY PEOPLE!! IM THE LUCKIEST HOMO TONIGHT!! (hahahaha.... evil laugh...)

Well, what can we do..It really is April and for sure.. he will leave the country anytime soon ( sad...errr...)

One last request.... CHULA ta BALIK B!!! please!!! hahahaha..... "bawal ang ma-insecure!!! hahahah "

Venus Raj.. ..A lady worth fighting for..

Venus Raj, well what more can I say?? She is a TOTAL GODDESS!!! How dare Stella take the crown away from her! [ :'(  ]. I really dont wanna comment anymore, as everytime I think about her my heart gets gloomy.. huhuuhuu...Oh my Venus.. my only Venus...

photo by: Owen Reyes