REPOST: "While"

While I am tempted to hate you for the longest possible time, I am obliged
to like you for reasons you wouldn’t understand.
While you are so busy preparing for your future with your someone, I am in
panic to stop the earth from rotating on its own axis.
While everybody is happy for the season’s trimmings, I am left with no
choice but wallow in tears.
While you are too busy minding if you will meet someone’s conformity,
I am busy predicting that you both shall perish without a trace (joke, but
jokes are always half-meant).

While you wake up in the morning thinking about that someone,
I force myself into not waking up and praying for an endless slumber.
While you don’t have the idea about my feeling for you, I am busy collecting
thoughts and ideas to slap, hmmm, kill you.
While that someone is the center of your attention, I keep myself moving
molehills and mountains.
While you are becoming the ideal man both in words and in deed, I am slowly
shrinking and diminishing no end.
While that ideal someone feels so special, I am hurtfully envious of your
unfair treatment.
While you are so contented with your love for that someone, I learned that
I can do better things…and more.
While you are so busy minding your life, I am busy thinking about my going
abroad and working with Oprah.
While both of you enjoy each other’s company, I am into blogging my emotions
and hoping I can polish my Creative Writing Skills.
While you are so preoccupied with your feelings for that someone, I am into
planning to create a name both in boob tube and in print media.
While both of you feel as if you are in 7th heaven, I visualize myself to
surpass your expectations (and I can always do that, for all you know).
While you don’t recognize my value as a person, I am into writing my goals
like going to the moon and circumnavigate this darn planet.
While both of you luxuriate in gaiety, I am now set to conquer Philippines
the soonest possible time.
And while you’d have the chance reading this one, I promise to make good
of myself—just to impress you. (HUHUHU)

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